About Us

Founded in New York by a group of aviation industry professionals, Airacer is the one-stop platform for your private aviation experience. Partnering with DOT/FAA licensed air carriers and prestigious flight operators, Airacer provides clients with the most convenient and reliable private flight services.

Since its launch in 2015, Airacer has been working effortlessly to bring private aviation closer to clients all over the world by making flying accessible and affordable. With unlimited access to worldwide network of aircrafts, our clients can enjoy the most tailored and cost-effective services wherever they are.

Our services

Private Charter Flights:

Airacer Charter Services provides unparalleled private flight solutions to suit every client’s special travel needs. All flights scheduled for our clients are operated by DOT/FAA licensed air carriers. At Airacer, we always prioritize Safety First.

Pilot Training:

Collaborating with FAA certified flight schools and clubs, Airacer provides professional training for Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in North America. By taking flight training courses offered by Airacer, you will achieve your flying dream and become a certified pilot.

Sky Experience:

To bring the fun of sky closer to everyone, Airacer also provides discovery flights, helicopter rides, hot air balloons etc. in the United States. This allows everyone to have an opportunity to experience the excitement of piloting an aircraft or enjoy the most stunning aerial views.

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