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Bell 206 North Canyon Tour

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Depart from our terminal located in Grand Canyon Village, just a short distance from the rim, for an exhilarating 25 to 30-minute aerial helicopter flight. The North Canyon Tour flies sightseers over the Kaibab National Forest and across the deepest and widest part of the Grand Canyon. The central region of Grand Canyon - where the geography is at its most diverse - has a width of nearly 11 miles across and nearly a mile deep. The flight employs a loop so that guests seated on either side of the aircraft can take postcard ready pictures without needing to shoot across the cabin. Enjoy breathtaking views through the oversized windows as you fly over the mighty Colorado River towards the canyon's North Rim. See rock formations like the Tower of Ra and Vishnu Schist as you fly back through the Dragon Corridor before landing at the helipad.

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Aircraft Model

Bell 206L


  • attach_moneyDo I need to pay any other fees when arriving at the airport?
    No, the price you see on the website is the final confirmed price. There are no hidden fees or surcharges, so you don’t need to pay any additional fees later at the airport. However, tips are appreciated for your instructors , but they are not required.
  • contactsDoes the flight include insurance?
    Yes, insurance is included in your flight. You don’t need to pay any other insurance fees.
  • contactsAre there any dress restrictions for piloting?
    No. You can wear whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable, but we strongly suggest you wear comfortable foot wear.
  • streetviewCan I take discovery flights or helicopter tours if I feel carsick?
    Yes, please make sure you eat enough before your flight.
  • card_giftcardWhat do I need to bring with me for the flight?
    You must bring your ID or Passport if you will pilot the aircraft. Passengers need to bring their ID as well.
  • credit_cardWhat payment methods do you accept?
    Currently, you can only pay your orders on our website with credit cards. Eventually we will add more payment options later.
  • directions_carDo you provide transportation to the airport?
    Sorry, we don’t provide transportation to the airport. We suggest you use Google Map to find commuting options. Also, most of our airports have free parking lots.
  • scheduleWhat if I need to reschedule the flight?
    Please go to My Orders after you logged in, and you will see the reschedule button beside your scheduled flight.
  • cloud_circleWhat if the weather of my scheduled flight day is not good?
    Instructors will let you know if the weather is not good for flying in advance and request for a reschedule. However, you can also request for a cancellation if the weather is not good. Please see our cancellation policy here.

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The Provider:

Airacer Flight School 2

Passengers weighing less than 300lbs. Passengers must bring ID.

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Kun J

Friday 5/17/2019

We all like it! Thanks for the experience.


Grand Canyon South Rim

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