Airacer embarks on the blockchain technology in the aviation industry

Who is Airacer?

Airacer is the first and only online platform in the general aviation industry. We provide a complete flight management system for flight service providers, including flight schools, clubs, aircraft owners, charter companies to manage their flight businesses, but also we help them upload their services to the Airacer customer end. In other words, Airacer help our flight service providers to onboard more customers.

Currently, Airacer is tapping into blockchain technology to track the data of each components in the Aviation industry. By utilizing the blockchain technology, the system will fully track the flight record and safety of each aircraft and each pilot. Customers will have real time info available to them about the aircraft and pilot before they decide to take the flight. This will totally change the industry and hopefully reduce the accidents and operational risks in the whole aviation industry.

Our mission is always to provide safe, fun and convenient flights for you all.

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